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speciality areas

Our services support you and your family in a range of areas. Hover over the panels below to explore some of our areas of specialization.

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general healthy eating

Have general nutrition questions? We can help optimize current eating patterns, address general nutrition concerns and work towards disease prevention.

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Strategies to manage digestive concerns such as IBS, constipation, nausea, heartburn, GERD, and other digestive issues.

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vegetarian & vegan diets

Thinking of going plant-based but worried about missing out on certain nutrients? We'll support you where you are at and ensure all nutrients of concern are met. 

Hamburger Meal

family nutrition

We empower you to bring better nutrition to family meals and build healthy relationships with food

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medical conditions

Specific dietary guidance for various conditions including diabetes, cancer, kidney disease, heart conditions, liver disease, and digestive conditions.

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home blended tube feeding

Guidance with creating balanced and nourishing homemade blended tube feeding formula made with whole foods

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meal planning

Customized grocery list and menu plan with your specific nutrition goals, cooking skills, and preferences in mind

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home visits

In-person home visits allow us to get up close and personal with your kitchen and cooking space   

Guidance with home tube feeding via commercial formulas or nutritionally balanced  blended meals.

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Spruce up on your cooking skills and learn how to build balanced meals at home. 

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